Friday, 29 March 2013 0 comments

Rendering Evil

I will NOT render evil for evil, it makes no sense.
What are we really left with when someone does us wrong and we turn right around and do the same thing?

People will fight you all the days of your life but its up to you to decide if you going to accept defeat by rendering evil or keep on fighting by praying about the situation and for the individual(s).

I've had my fair she of trials with people who will stop at nothing but to hurt me over and over again, but when I look at them, I feel so sorry for them because the only reason they are trying their best to bring me down is because they are so empty and bitter inside.

They find joy in making others unhappy and spreading lies and constantly sabotaging you.

I will NOT render evil for evil, it's a waste of MY strength and My happiness.

Instead I will rise up EVERY single day and pray for these vindictive elements that walk this earth. I will pray for EVERY single snake that tries so hard to slip into my home and make me unhappy. I Will not be move by you Conniving ELEMENTS!

Not today! Not Tomorrow! NOT EVER!