Thursday, 20 September 2012 0 comments

B Gen-New-Win

People should learn to be a bit more genuine in society or at least try to, you know it's not that very hard to do?
Maybe its hard for some people, but it is an attitude which can be changed if one wants to.

Being real about a situation, it will definitely be so much better if people be more genuine the....y? the  WORLD will be a better place.

Ever wonder why some persons working in the same place can never get along at times it because most of the times some one does not work genuinely. I believe that if persons attempt to be more genuine team work meshes together and more work gets done.

A workplace which carries fake persons and negative energy brings little or no work.

So here's the trick try being a little more GENUINE today and you will see how much the people around you change.....because GENUINE attracts GENUINE!
Thursday, 12 July 2012 0 comments

2012 Change

It's not what you've done in your past that really matters,
It's what you do in the future to change that.
Often times people let whatever bad they have done in their past affect their future and their drive to Progress.

I've done some things in my past that some people may call "regrets" or "mistakes"....I call them "Lessons Learnt".

They are lessons learnt because they have made me a more mature and inspiring individual.
The Trick is not to sit and murmur on what could have been or what should have been, but to reflect on what will be if I let it happen.

In my life I have been not stepped on but trampled on, talked about and ridiculed just because I wanted to become the best person I could be. There are always going to be these types of people surrounding you...trying to suck the life out of your purpose in life.

As I move forward on the pursuit to happiness, I urge everyone to do the same forget about the past and move on to you bright future in 2012 and beyond.

Change will Grace me for 2012 and its a change I'm ready to embrace......2012 Change<3 

Sunday, 15 April 2012 0 comments

Taking a Chance

I'm taking a Chance...on a path in the right Direction.
Putting aside all childish ways and attitudes aside to earn a greater satisfaction.
I know what I'm bout and I've faced many challenges but still..I'm taking a chance to form a brighter day.

You may say I'm young, you may say I'm not ready...but who are you to judge?
You don't know my capabilities.....I've faced many changes in this life...

So now I'm ready to take that chance.
You may say it's just a phase I'm going through, well I'll tell you's a Phase of a lifetime, cause this will never change.

So don't discourage me, SUPPORT ME!

Cause in this life you have to take chances and today I've Decided to take that chance.
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 0 comments

Abused Intimidation

There are many things in life that you can make a lesson from.
One of those things can be the way some people in authority treat you.
Some of these people use their authority to feed their very own personal malice, however
it is up to you to stand up for yourself despite the circumstances which may follow.

These people should NEVER be allowed to take advantage of you.

Then there are some people in authority who may look at you and assume that they can walk allow over you just because you may look a certain way...I say NEVER be intimidated by them...STAND UP for yourself.

Let it be known that they can never Break you, simply because they did not make you.

So who are they to DESTROY you?

Live life to the fullest and keep in mind that you are in control of shaping you own destiny, Never let the wicked Flesh of Selfish people take away what they never help build!!

Friday, 6 April 2012 0 comments

There Comes a Time..

There comes a time in our lives when we should decide...
What's right and What's wrong?
What's makes us happy or sad?
What's love and what's hurt?

Which ever one you choose it defines you and how you value yourself...
Thinking outside the box matters as we move on the path of LIFE.

Do we want to live in what's wrong, feel sad and always hurt?
Or do we want to live right, be happy and feel loved?


But remember You Only Live Once and HE has the choice whether Live or die!

We can't always allow people to charter our destiny with their own selfish ways and  intentions.
They say people find love in hopeless places, but is it worth it if the love itself is hopeless?
Is it worth it when the Love is on a one way street?

Cherish yourself, Love yourself, and do what's best for you..You only have one life to live, so live it well!!

If you're loving and it seems hopeless, after trying and trying...Let go and Let God!
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ThinkingOutLoud: Unconditional Fusion

ThinkingOutLoud: Unconditional Fusion: Its that feeling you get when you look in their eyes, the touch of their hands, those smiling lips that tells you know lies... You know i...

Unconditional Fusion

Its that feeling you get when you look in their eyes,
the touch of their hands, those smiling lips that tells you know lies...

You know its not an Illusion....I call it 'unconditional LOVE fusion'

That look in their eyes when they tell you those three words...
those three words that soothes your mind body and soul....

You know its not an Illusion....I call it 'unconditional LOVE fusion'

You lie cuddled in their arms...without a care in the world...when you had a long day, just the thought of coming home to them....oh how it eases the pain.

Its just something you can't explain...

Everyone hurts, everyone cries....but there is always that special one who can dry your eyes.

you know its real, you know its no illusion.....

I call it unconditional 'LOVE' fusion!!