Monday, 11 February 2013

Sabalical Love

Look at us today... who would have thought that from the first day you told me you were in love with me we would be married and still so in love today?

We've been through a lot babes heartache and pain, fights and many arguments until we came to a settlement, we are in love and none of these things would ever faze us to the point that we call it 'Quits'.
The love that we share goes way back, from the moment I saw you, to the day we started talking, to the day we became boyfriend and girlfriend, to the day we said "I do". The Happiest day of my life!!

 I truly do love you boo. Going to bed practically giggling at nights after having a good joke about something you said or did, to waking up smiling and thanking the good Lord that I have you by my side. You really do get on my nerves sometimes and I do the same, but when it all boils down boo....Love Conquers all!

You keep me smiling inside out because you always know what to do to keep this woman in your life...Your Wife, happy. I promise you that as long as I live I am going to keep you the happiest man alive because you deserve that and more.

Some people search a lifetime for love and on that journey searching for love you find speed bumps....don't give up because of the many challenges along the way. Always keep the faith and PATIENCE along with PRAYER these things will always see you through....

February 14th is a day of love some people say....and they use that time to spend it with their loved ones, but I urge persons to be spontaneous...don't wait until Valentines to spread love to that special someone...Do it all the time it doesn't have to cost always the thought that counts!


xoxox Kensly Deane I love you!!


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