Sunday, 30 June 2013 0 comments


No matter how hard you may try at times not to be angry with someone or at something, that anger is REAL!
That anger, That frustration...That HATE can take years to build up, but no matter how hard you try at some point it you will explode and things could get pretty dirty!!

The element of your frustration and anger crawls under your skin and prowls when you are at your weakest, it eats you up inside like a bad cavity.

The frustration is REAL! 

That annoying feeling to have that anger eat you hurts most when it touches the heart and you're holding on to life while still holding on to that anger.

What do you do? You get angry some more because nothing can change the way you feel....NOTHING!

Don't you just hate when all of this hits home and you realise you're so damn angry you could hardly speak??

Sorry you say, are you really?
Sorry? Save it!!

You ain't sorry cause this 'ANGER' will come again!
Monday, 24 June 2013 1 comments

People Pleaser?

Pleasing People is so hard to do. That's why I don't try to please people, I just do what I know is right and best for me. 

Too many people sit down and just criticise everything that's going on around them. I mean there is nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but when you know for a fact that you can't do better...its always best to keep your mouth shut and just observe.

I am really tired of people who just talk talk talk talk and have NO action...can't do a damn thing and just criticise the people who actually try. 

Before you start criticising people, make sure that YOU are in tact. Make you that you don't live in a glass house.Make sure that your house is built on a rock and not sand.

Try to say something positive to someone today...try to make them smile, it might just be the only smile they get for day.