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ThinkingOutLoud: Hope It's not too late!

ThinkingOutLoud: Hope It's not too late!: I hope It's not to late for you to tell that special one you love them... I hope its not to late to say you're sorry.... Really hope you ...

Hope It's not too late!

I hope It's not too late for you to tell that special one you love them...
I hope its not too late to say you're sorry.... 
Really hope you see how stupid you are for making havoc out of this little ants nest.

People can be so self-centred at times, that they forget what they really have in life.
People can get so high on Mount Everest and forget the people they left drowning in the Mississippi....

While you're on that high don't forget your lows...
you know those days...the days when you didn't believe in you....the days when you didn't think you could make it.

Remember who thought you could....Never forget them...Cherish them.

I hope you come to your senses and see the bigger picture in life.

Don't keep in that little corner of yours and think you don't need anyone.

I hope you see the truth.....
I hope it's not too late....


May 15, 2008 7:39 AM

Sitting here...confusion in my brain.
Lying there Distruction and pain.
Standing here...Eruption of strain.

Where does the agony end?
how can the pain mend?

Stepped on...walked over, taken advantage of...
Is it because you think you're better than me?
Is it because you think you  have the power???

Questions in my brain...causing Distruction, Pain and Eruption of Strain.

I'm left surrounded in Darkness, But i refuse to be swallowed by it!!!

Rumble!!! Rumble! Rumble!!!!
That's the Anger inside of me.

But can you tell I'm angry?!!!

My tears flow like a waterfall splashing into a tremendous River.
Hurting Inside....The Anger in me I won't show.


I won't shed another tear!

Revenge is near!!!!

Ohh...Sweet Revenge is near!



Contemplated Emancipation

In my little cozy corner
I oft sit and wonder.....why do I sit in this cozy corner?

In my little cozy box, the one sit in when i'm confused...
what is this thing they called confused?
why are you here confused?....why don't you leave us alone?

Like a trapped bird yearning for escape...we trap ourselves in these cozy corners and little boxes...
WHY?...................Why do we trap ourself?
why don't we all just let go?
I hate this cozy corner...I hate this cozy box......
I light the match and set them on fire...I escape...

Into the world....ready to take a chance and make change....
No more cozy corners, no more little boxes!!!!!!!!
Freeeeee! Free alas.....

In the world free to explore new possibilities.....

Is this what freedom feels like? will we ever know?



Confusion of this thing called Love

Jun 4, 2008 1:41 PM

I love you, I love him.
I want you, I need him.

Why is love so complicated??
If I want you and I need him, tell me?

Why do I hurt him?


Yea I know.

I love him, but I can't let you go!!!!!!!

My Frustration as tall as the mountain and Deep as the Ocean.

One of you has to fall, but I need you...and you.

Drowning in confusion....

what can I do????

I need help...someone plz help me be4 drown....

To be continued...


Confessions of my broken heart II-Ouestions

Jun 10, 2008 5:48 AM
I woke up this morning just the way I went to sleep. Tears!
Is this a dream?
My heart in flame like the Fires of Hell.
How can I stop my heart from burning right to ash?
where does the healing come?
How can I get rid of this hurt?IT HURTS!!!

Do you know how it feels?
Do you even care?

You're like a Coyote, ripping the heart out of innocent animals by night.
Content in the morning, you've accompliced your task.

Or are you a Fox?...Sly, Looking right into my eyes, with that Great smile of yours and lying to me Like I'm Little Red Riding hood.

And that smile...that smile make me think that everything is alright.
I'M HURT!!!! Can't you see that??!! Do you even care?!!!

You look at me and I hope you see me for who I really am, but
you look right pass that and just see the things you want to see and focus on what you want.

I'm crying my eyes out,cause I need you.
Can't you see that?
Can't you feel that burning passion that I feel?
Can't you see the hurt you bring to me?
Don't you have a heart?

Questions Exsisting...
Can you answer them?
I can't breathe...I NEED to get AWAY!!!



Confessions of my broken heart

Jun 9, 2008 2:37 PM

I kno we are just friends,
I kno it could be nothing more,
If I kno that why do I try to keep holding on to something like this,
Something so far from reality.

Looking at you, wanting to tell you how I how i feel.
You got a spell on me, no matter how hard I try to just erase you
from my memory,you still linger in my everyday thoughts.

I never knew I could hurt like this, wanting someone so bad and can't have them....


I'm hurting inside, cause you have no idea how I feel for you.
You may never kno.

Today I stand and I feel like I've lost a Diamond while I was too busy collecting stones.


Cant' let it go like this..I love you to much...
I'm dying inside, tears are streaming down my face...

Will you be the one to stop my tears?
Do you need me like I need you?

so many questions and no answers..........

......I LOVE YOU!!
........Alwayz and forever