Thursday, 12 July 2012 0 comments

2012 Change

It's not what you've done in your past that really matters,
It's what you do in the future to change that.
Often times people let whatever bad they have done in their past affect their future and their drive to Progress.

I've done some things in my past that some people may call "regrets" or "mistakes"....I call them "Lessons Learnt".

They are lessons learnt because they have made me a more mature and inspiring individual.
The Trick is not to sit and murmur on what could have been or what should have been, but to reflect on what will be if I let it happen.

In my life I have been not stepped on but trampled on, talked about and ridiculed just because I wanted to become the best person I could be. There are always going to be these types of people surrounding you...trying to suck the life out of your purpose in life.

As I move forward on the pursuit to happiness, I urge everyone to do the same forget about the past and move on to you bright future in 2012 and beyond.

Change will Grace me for 2012 and its a change I'm ready to embrace......2012 Change<3