Thursday, 24 January 2013

Expression Tarnished

Woke in the weirdest of moods today.

words cannot express how I feel at this point, but if you cut me I'm not sure a single drop of blood will hit the floor. It's like a build up of anger which I will not let talk over me mind body or soul. But  for now it stains my heart and no matter how much and try to wash it off a speck still lingers.

Constantly taunting me!

The anger is like great mountains crumbling into the deep blue sea, and as they fall the explosion it makes causes a heavy earthquake around the earth's surface. That type of anger, no one should ever allow to take them over. But we all have feeling don't we? feelings that no matter how hard we try to explain it to others not a single soul gets it. Yes those are the feelings I speak of.


I never wanted to resent a single soul in my life, but when people push you to that point, things can get extremely dangerous. You try your best to let people see how bad they are affecting you,  but if they can't see that for them self....who are you to make them see that?

I've reached the point in my life where I have little to say and watch the way things go.....because the more you say...the more you are the WORST person in the world.

On my report card throughout my primary school life it's been; Conduct: TALKATIVE.

Well no more will this continue cause when you are a child you see things as being all good, but when you're an adult you see things completely different.

So from now on........

Kristin...? Kristin? Is Kristin here......

She will be SEEN not HEARD!


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