Monday, 8 April 2013


How does one measure success really?

Is it measured by the level of education  or is it the fancy clothes, shoes and other material things you may have?

I think success is really measured in different ways by different people.

Some may walk around all high and mighty because they wear the latest of clothes and shoes or have the latest electronics. Some may say I am very successful because I have a sound education, I am so qualified that I can nail any job I choose to have.Some may say I'm successful because I am saved and I have God at the center of my life.

But when you think of it judging success by what you have can never be success at all. When you die what are people going to remember you by? Do you really want to be remembered by the just the fancy things you had in your possession or do you want to be remembered for much more than that?

You walk around with you head held high chanting how successful you are, but what do you have to show?

As I walk this road of life I will never want to be remembered for material things, instead I would want to be remembered for the way I treated persons who I came into contact with. I would want to be remembered as the person who changed someone's life just by a simple word of encouragement or even a smile.I would want to be remembered for keeping God at the center of my life.

That is what success means to me....being genuine to others and keeping God in the midst of every single thing I do!!!

Others may not think of success this way and you are free to your own opinion.

But what ever success you may choose to strive for,
while you're on the path of 'your' success....NEVER EVER try to step on others to get to the top, cause when you fall, you fall hard.


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