Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Confessions of my broken heart II-Ouestions

Jun 10, 2008 5:48 AM
I woke up this morning just the way I went to sleep. Tears!
Is this a dream?
My heart in flame like the Fires of Hell.
How can I stop my heart from burning right to ash?
where does the healing come?
How can I get rid of this hurt?IT HURTS!!!

Do you know how it feels?
Do you even care?

You're like a Coyote, ripping the heart out of innocent animals by night.
Content in the morning, you've accompliced your task.

Or are you a Fox?...Sly, Looking right into my eyes, with that Great smile of yours and lying to me Like I'm Little Red Riding hood.

And that smile...that smile make me think that everything is alright.
I'M HURT!!!! Can't you see that??!! Do you even care?!!!

You look at me and I hope you see me for who I really am, but
you look right pass that and just see the things you want to see and focus on what you want.

I'm crying my eyes out,cause I need you.
Can't you see that?
Can't you feel that burning passion that I feel?
Can't you see the hurt you bring to me?
Don't you have a heart?

Questions Exsisting...
Can you answer them?
I can't breathe...I NEED to get AWAY!!!



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